11/15/2005, Eclipse 3.1 Support Now Available

Version 0.2.0 of the Tapestry Palette plugin works with Eclipse 3.1 and requires Spindle 3.2.4. The plugin can be downloaded from within Eclipse using the NEW update site at: http://tapestrypalette.sf.net/update. The plugin is also available as an archived update site in the project files section.

Tapestry Palette


Tapestry Palette is an Eclipse plugin for Tapestry application development.

Tapestry is a framework for building web applications from components. Components may be reused on multiple pages, and if packaged as component libraries, in multiple web applications.

Tapestry Palette builds upon, and requires, the Spindle plugin. The palette provides the following features for Tapestry developers:

I have to give you credit for creating an extremely awesome plugin for Eclipse. I've been wanting to introduce some of my coworkers to Tapestry before they get too far along with JSF, but had held back because I perceive the learning curve to be greater. Now, with the Tapestry Palette, I'm not sure that this is still an issue.
  1. A tree-view of available components and component libraries.
  2. Drag and drop of components from the tree-view to add component references to a page.
  3. Drag and drop download and install of component libraries for immediate use.
  4. A property sheet for editing component parameters.
  5. An inspector for browsing component and component parameter descriptions.
  6. One-click access to component reference documentation from within Eclipse

A Flash Movie Tour of these features is available.

If you are using the Tapestry Palette as one of your developer tools and you like what you see why not Rate it at Eclipse Plugin Central and take the time to rate Spindle as well, remember, no Spindle, no Palette.